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Great Hitting Drills-Volume 1

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Great Hitting Drills Volume 1 - Over 30 Great Hitting Drills


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The Tee Ball Drills & Sample Practices BookTeeBall Drills and Practice Plans Book has over 30 Effective TBall Drills!

With the Tee Ball Drills & Sample Practices Book you'll:

  • Have over 30 Proven Effective TeeBall Drills at your fingertips
  • Have PreDesigned Tee Ball Practice Plans Ready for Immediate Use
  • Easy to follow Pictures and Diagrams

Many Little League practice drills are just not practical for young Tee Ball Players. To be effective you need to use drills that fit your audience. The drills contained in this book have been specifically included because they are suitable for your players.

The Tee Ball Drills & Sample Practices Book is Packed with Over 30 Effective & FUN Tball Drills

  • Positions Recognition Drills
  • Base Running Drills
  • Catching Drills
  • Throwing Drills
  • Fielding Drills
  • Tee Ball Hitting Drills
  • Game Situation Drills

Not only is this book loaded with great and effective T-Ball drills, but to make your coaching life even more easier, this book contains a number of Premade Practice Plans. These Teeball Practice Plans are ready for use immediately! Print out the Premade Practice Plans and you can have an effective and organized practice from Day 1!

The Practice Plan Samples contain all the components needed for a successful T-Ball practice:

  • Warm-up & Stretching Drills
  • FUNdamental Drills
  • Station Drills
  • Game Situation Drills

Not only are these great books for Tee Ball Coaches, they are also great books for Tee Ball Parents!

The Tee Ball drills in these books are

  • Easy to Understand
  • Require NO Special Equipment.

Parents will find that they can work with your son or daughter at home to improve their T Ball skills.

The Tee Ball Drills & Sample Practice Plan Book along with the Coaching Tee Ball Book are essential for a successful TeeBall Season!

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